Eating Junk Food Causes Irreversible Memory Loss In A Week

Junk Food

Eating junk food not just makes you fat but also impairs memory. Scientists have found a link between poor diet and a rapid cognitive decline.

Junk Food & Memory Problems:

Eating a diet saturated with sugar and fat can lead to memory loss in a week and you may be unable to regain it if you start having a healthy diet again.

A research team from the University of New South Wales put rats on a diet loaded with fat and sugar and compared their functioning with rodents fed a healthy diet.

After six days, the rats which were given the poor diet soon developed impaired memory and performed worse on spatial memory tasks. Eating junk food for just 6 days reduced their spatial recognition or the ability to perceive when an object has been shifted to another location.

Poor Diet Affects Spatial Memory:

Moreover, the animals on a poor diet suffered from inflammation in the hippocampus region of their brain which plays a crucial role in memory forming & storing. Researchers believe that this inflammatory change is probably greatly relevant for the rapid cognitive decline.

The tests found a high sugar diet affected the rats’ spatial memory; however, the rats’ ability to identify objects was unaffected. While it’s a known that obesity causes body inflammation, this survey showed that it also causes changes in one’s brain. The change in the rats’ memory occurred much before any weight increase.

The new study has shown that sugar alone could be to blame for the memory deficit. What was concerning was that the damage to brain due to a high sugar diet isn’t reversed even when the animals were put back on a healthy diet.

In humans, the spatial memory is necessary for navigation and remembering where everyday items such as mobile phones, wallets or car keys are kept.

While it was not easy to project animal data on to humans, there’s evidence that eating junk food can affect human memory.